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rePlant Hemp Impact Fund 1, LP is a first to market hemp food and fiber impact fund investing in biobased innovation, a carbon-negative domestic supply chain, good green jobs, sustainable consumer products, and the verifiable sequestration of CO2: global impact.

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Hemp tech is cleantech.

In a full world with dwindling resources, it has become crystal clear that economic growth must be redefined to fall within the biophysical limits of the planet. As we urgently transition from a fossil-based economy, unprecedented investment capital will scale bio-based alternatives for energy, food, consumer products and our built environment. A new natural asset class is emerging; one which values—and derives value from—the protection of our planet.

Hemp is a critical asset on our journey to decarbonization. For every polluting technology phased out, new cleantech must emerge. Hemp plays a vital role in green construction, plant-based proteins, bioplastics and the lightweighting and powering of the electrified future of mobility. Hemp tech is cleantech.


Hemp sequesters 10 tons of CO2 per acre


Hemp is a carbon neutral industry

earth on fire

Global Warming

Climate crisis threatens to permanently destabilize the global economy. Hemp is a critical component in our toolkit as we transition to bio-based solutions.


Since 1990, the world has lost one billion acres of forest, and deforestation accounts for 15% of global GHG emissions. Fuel, paper and packaging made from hemp are sustainable and directly offset the use of timber.

The Plastic Problem

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. 91% of plastic is never recycled. Biodegradable hemp-based polymers, plastics and resins are compostable and mitigate the use of fossil fuels.

livestock environmental damage

Livestock Environmental Impact

Grazing occupies 26% of Earth’s surface, and livestock account for 18% of GHG emissions—more than transport. There is a plant-based protein revolution. Hempseed-based protein is one of the most nutritious available.


A New Natural Resource

Hemp offers a compelling solution for mitigating future supply chain disruption and economic crisis. Fossil fuels and crop monoculture have a definitive end. Those who are prepared with commercially viable sustainable alternatives will create—and profit from—the path forward.


Disrupts damaging hydrocarbon industries


Meets and beats global decarbonization regulations


Hemp and the Future of Clean Transportation

Electrifying transportation is one critical step on our path to net zero emissions. Hemp fiber composites reduce weight in EV components, extending battery life. Hemp bioplastics offer major auto manufacturers a sustainable solution for consoles, dashboards, and mirror housings. Graphite—accounting for over 200 pounds of every new electric vehicle—is now mined in China at a huge human and economic expense. Innovation in hemp materials science is now moving from R&D to production in the creation of bio-graphite from hemp biomass.


Hemp fiber has a higher tensile strength than steel


Hemp has applications in EV batteries and clean biofuel

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Hemp 101

The internet is awash in information on the industrial side of the hemp crop; some true, some exaggerated, and some outright false. The truth is it’s an ideal biobased input for a range of major industries, and is set to triple in market value to almost $15 billion in the next five years. In the long term hemp represents the biggest value proposition of the cannabis plant.

Please remember that different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy will be profitable or equal any historical performance level(s).


rePlant Hemp Impact Fund 1, LP is an investment fund registered by rePlant Hemp Advisors, LLC for the purposes of investing in hemp-based technology to decarbonize the global economy.


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